Operating System
resource center


  1. The Boot Process
      Boot sectors, bootable CD-ROMs, examples..
  2. Partitions
      Partition Table Layout, Partition IDs..
  3. File Systems
      EXT/[23], Reiser, Joliet, FAT32, HPFS..
  4. Memory Management
      EMS, XMS + Techniques..
  5. Protected Mode
  6. Executable File Formats
      .com, .exe, .lib, .obj, a.out, ELF, LE, PE..
  7. Plug and Play Specs
      BIOS, Serial, Parrellel, ISA, Firewire..
  8. Device Driver Interfaces
      Uniform Driver Interface, linux drivers..
  9. Miscellaneous Software
      OS FAQ, overall design, VM design, threads..


  1. Processor Architecture
      IA64, MMX, 3D-Now!, KNI, copro, optimization..
  2. Interconnect Buses
      ATA-2,3, Floppy, PCI, AGP, USB, SCSI, FC-AL..
  3. Disk and Disc Drives
      Floppys, Hard Drive Ports, CHS, CD-ROM..
  4. Human Interface Devices
      Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Gamepad..
  5. Sound Devices
      SB, SB16, GUS, PAS, PC-Speaker, MIDI, OPL..
  6. Communication Devices
      Serial, Parallel [SPP, EPP, ECP]..
  7. Networking Devices
  8. Miscellaneous Devices
      PIC, PIT, DMA, RTC, ..
  9. Other Hardware
      Legos, ATX, NetPC's..

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