HIGHLIGHTS for version 1.10: 1) domainname is no longer installed. The source for domainname is still included in the source distribution, as is the hostname-1.5 package, by Peter Tobias (tobias@server.et-inf.fho-emden.de), which contains a new hostname and a dnsdomainname program. If you have any questions read the documentation in hostname-1.5 and NetKit-A. 2) Alan Modra (alan@spri.levels.unisa.edu.au) updated syslogd and clock. 3) Joe Ragland (jrr@interpath.net) updated whereis.1 4) Kai Petzke (wpp@marie.physik.tu-berlin.de) updated setserial.8 5) Michael K. Johnson (johnsonm@nigel.vnet.net) updated tunelp 6) Carl Christofferson (cchris@connected.com) updated col 7) bjdouma@xs4all.nl updated rev 8) Lots of updates to mount: without -t, (null) is no longer entered in mtab; readonly file systems are now remounted readonly if they weren't the first time; you can mount loop devices; umount will send RPC calls to the NFS server. 9) agetty, login, hostid updated. HIGHLIGHTS for version 1.9: 1) Miscellaneous bug fixes by Dave Gentzel (gentzel@nova.enet.dec.com) and Sander van Malssen (svm@kozmix.hacktic.nl) 2) tunelp has been added 3) selection now allows the mouse pointer to wrap (this is off by default) (Thanks to Sander van Malssen (svm@kozmix.hacktic.nl).) 4) Many old versions have been removed, making the source distribution smaller. HIGHLIGHTS for version 1.8: 1) bdflush is now installed as update (WARNING!). 2) MAKEDEV was updated. This version uses /proc/devices. 3) Minor corrections (thanks to Dave Gentzel). 4) Nigel Gamble's lpcntl is included. HIGHLIGHTS for version 1.7: 0) A small, static sln (ln substitute) and a small, static sync(1) are now included. 1) The mkswap(8) man page was fixed (wpp@marie.physik.tu-berlin.de (Kai Petzke)) 2) hostname and pwd are no longer installed -- they are in FSF's sh-util-1.10 3) uuencode and uudecode are no longer installed -- they are in FSF's uuencode-1.0 4) ed is no longer installed -- it is in FSF's ed-0.1 5) The C version of sync was replaced by an assembly version (by Nick Holloway) 6) setterm was updated to work with dosemu 7) Various security holes were fixed (login, passwd, agetty, etc.) 8) A few other random things were updated. 9) Many 4.3BSD-reno (NET-2) utilities were replaced with the 4.4BSD-Lite versions. 10) update has been removed. /sbin/update is now a link to /sbin/bdflush. 11) syslogd moved form /sbin to /usr/sbin, to conform to the FSSTND. 12) mount will use /proc/filesystems if no -t option is given (from Adam J. Richter (adam@adam.yggdrasil.com)). HIGHLIGHTS for version 1.6: Additions: 1) Kevin Martin's cfdisk: a curses based fdisk! 2) Eric Youngdale's bdflush 3) sln: a statically linked (and very stupid) ln 4) getopt(1) Deletions: 1) doshell hasn't been needed for years (since before 0.98 when getty didn't exist). I have deleted it. 2) To avoid horrible confusion, ldd and ldconfig have been removed. Find them in David Engel's ldso package. Updates: 1) Softlinks are now relative. 2) The backspace problem with agetty is fixed. 3) "maintenance" is now spelled correctly. 4) The example files have been updated. 5) Per Kang-Jin Lee's (lee@tengu.in-berlin.de) suggestion, there is now an "install.shadow" target that will *NOT* overwrite chsh, login, newgrp, and passwd. There is no other shadow password support. 6) Timezone support totally updated (zic and zdump moved to /usr/sbin) 7) mount man page updated per Remy Card (Remy.Card@masi.ibp.fr) 8) MAKEDEV has been updated 9) sync is now statically linked 10) fdisk 1.5 was patched to support DOS and OS/2 partitions. Notes: 0) This package is the union of my util-etc, util-bin, and util-usrbin packages. Trying to comply with the draft file system standard was too much of a headache when these utilities were all in different pacakges. 1) The clock program from the timesrc-1.2.tar.Z package is included. The rest of this distribution has been replaced by the ado@elsie.nci.nih.gov version. See below for details. Patches from Hamish Coleman (hamish@zot.apana.org.au) have been applied to the clock program, making it version 1.2a. See clock.c for details. These patches "stuff things up" if your cmos clock is not in universal time, so they have been removed. Version 1.3 is updates from Alan Modra (alan@spri.levels.unisa.edu.au). These were also reverted because they break if your cmos clock is not in universal time. Version 1.3 source is in the broken subdirectory in case anyone wants to fix this. 2) The time directory contains tzcode94e.tar.gz and tzdata94d.tar.gz from elsie.nci.nih.gov. 3) Peter Orbaek (poe@daimi.aau.dk) put together the admutil-1.11.tar.gz package. The following are from that collection: ctrlaltdel (by Peter Orbaek) shutdown (by Peter Orbaek, with new modifications by Stephen Tweedie and Rik Faith) passwd (by Peter Orbaek) newgrp (by Michael Haardt with modifications by Peter Orbaek) chsh (by Peter Orbaek) last (BSD 5.11 6/29/88) Port by Michael Haardt with changes by Peter Orbaek. I applied a patch to passwd from Markus Armbruster <armbru@pond.sub.org> which allows non-lettters to be used in the password instead of digits. 4) Peter Orbaek (poe@daimi.aau.dk) put together the poeigl-1.29.tar.gz package. The following are from that collection: agetty (by W.Z. Venema <wietse@wzv.win.tue.nl>) simpleinit (by Peter Orbaek) domainname (by Peter Orbaek) login (BSD 5.40 5/9/89) Ported to HP-UX by Michael Glad, ported to Linux by Peter Orbaek) hostid (by Mitchum DSouza) Thanks to Christian von Roques (roques@juliet.ka.sub.org), Bill Reynolds (bill@goshawk.lanl.gov), Sander van Malssen (svm@kozmix.hacktic.nl), David A. Holland (dholland@husc.harvard.edu) and others who sent in several patches. These were forwarded to Peter. 5) Jim Winstead Jr. (jwinstea@fenris.claremont.edu) put together the system-0.98.tar.Z package. The following are from that collection: doshell (by Jim Wiegand, with modifications by Marcel Mol (marcel@dutecad.et.tudelft.nl)) fdformat (by Werner Almesberger (almesber@nessie.cs.id.ethz.ch), with modifications by Marcel Mol (marcel@dutecad.et.tudelft.nl)) -- Actually, updated with a September 1992 version by Werner. frag (by Werner Almesberger (V1.0), with modifications by Steffen Zahn (V1.1), by Rob Hooft (V1.2), and by Steffen Zahn (szahn%masterix@emndev.siemens.co.at)) setfdprm (by Werner Almesberger (almesber@nessie.cs.id.ethz.ch)) sync (by Nick Holloway, with thanks to James Bonfield) -- a small, assembly language version replaces the old C language version by Linus Torvalds (torvalds@cs.helsinki.fi) ed.old (by Brian Beattie, Kees Bot, and others; with changes by W. Metzenthen) -- For utilb, this was edited to provide larger constants (4096 characters per line, etc.) which are needed by X11R5 for make depend. more (BSD 5.19 6/28/88) by Eric Shienbrood, with modifications by Geoff Peck and John Foderaro) kill (by Peter MacDonald) 6) Rick Sladkey put together the mount-0.99.6.tar.Z package, and Stephen Tweedie provided updates. The following are from that package (all appear to be by Doug Quale (quale@saavik.cs.wisc.edu), with modifications by H. J. Lu (hlu@eecs.wsu.edu) on 11/25/92; Rick Sladkey (jrs@world.std.com) in January 1993; and Stephen Tweedie <sct@dcs.ed.ac.uk> on 8 October 1993: mount umount swapon This distribution mount now supports NFS stuff. I have modified the man pages. I have also added a small patch from Hamish Glen Coleman (t933093@minyos.xx.rmit.OZ.AU) which restores the -o semantics. Updated with Rick Sladkey's mount-0.99.14.tar.gz package, and with extra patches from Rick. Adam J. Richter allowed -t option to be optional. Patrick J. Volkerding (volkerdi@mhd1.moorhead.msus.edu) and Mitchum DSouza both provided patches that fixed the (null) problem when not using -t. Mitchum DSouza (mitch@mrc-applied-psychology.cambridge.ac.uk) added support for loop device mounts. Sebastian Lederer (lederer@next-pc.informatik.uni-bonn.de) added support for sending an unmount RPC call to the server when an NFS-filesystem is unmounted. Sander van Malssen (svm@kozmix.hacktic.nl) added support for remounting readonly file systems readonly. 7) The rdev program is original work by Werner Almesberger (almesber@nessie.cs.id.ethz.ch), modified by Peter MacDonald and Stephen Tweedie. 8) I (Rik Faith) wrote: kbdrate clear reset (updated to call 'stty sane' first) look most of the man pages 9) Linus Torvalds (torvalds@cs.helsinki.fi) released new versions of fsck.c, mkfs.c, and mkswap.c in February 1993. This fsck and mkfs support 14 *and* 30 character minux filesystems! fsck HAS BEEN RENAMED TO fsck.minix! TAKE NOTE! This change is for compatibility with the fsutil package. The return codes have also been fixed for compatibility with the fsutil package. fsck.minix and mkfs.minix have been updated by Rik Faith (faith@cs.unc.edu), Scott Heavner (sdh@po.cwru.edu), and Dr. Wettstein (greg%wind.uucp@plains.nodak.edu). 10) David Engel (david@ods.com) put together the fsutil-1.8.tar.gz package, which contains a generic front-end for fsck and mkfs. This package has been included in this release. He also did lfconfig, which is from his ldso-1.3.tar.z package. 11) Michael K. Johnson (johnsonm@stolaf.edu) re-released Rick Sladkey's setserial in January 1993, with changes by Theodore Ts'o (tytso@mit.edu). I think that Theodore also did extensive changes for version 2.01, I can't find any notes about this in the documentation. However, Theodore Ts'o (tytso@ATHENA.MIT.EDU) released version 2.10, and that is now included. 12) I applied enhancments and bug fixes to the fdisk (by A. V. Le Blanc (LeBlanc@mcc.ac.uk)) in Jim Winstead Jr.'s (jwinstea@fenris.claremont.edu) system-0.98.tar.Z package. Owen (LeBlanc) then re-enhanced the version and added bug fixes. He also gave me a copy of the excellent documentation: see README.fdisk. I have replaced this old version with Owen's fdisk 1.5 release, with Kevin Martin's patches for DOS and OS/2 compatibility. I've called this version 1.5a. Then I changed a few partition names, and called it 1.5b. Since Kevin's changes were significant, it should probably have been called 1.6. . . 13) Added ipcs and ipcrm from the ipcdelta.tar.z distribution by krishna balasub@cis.ohio-state.edu on 3/15/93. I also took the ipc.info and ipc.texi files from that distribution. I wrote short man pages for the binaries. 14) The new dmesg program from Theodore Ts'o is also included, with a man page that I wrote, and changes from Rick Sladkey. 15) The complete selection-1.5 package, by Andrew Haylett <ajh@gec-mrc.co.uk>, 17th June 1993, is included. Kernel patches are no longer necessary for modern kernels, but these were tiny so I left them in for historical reasons. The Makefile was modified for this distribution. With changes from Rick Sladkey. 16) A posix-compliant ed is now in ed.posix, and is used by default. See the README and source for authorship information and other credits, including The Regents of the University of California; Rodney Ruddock of the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario; Matt Bishop of Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH; and Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. The code is based on B. W. Kernighan and P. J. Plauger, SOFTWARE TOOLS IN PASCAL, Addison-Wesley, 1981. 17) Gordon Irlam (gordoni@cs.ua.oz.au) did setterm, which was adapted to Linux by Peter MacDonald and enhanced by Mika Liljeberg (liljeber@cs.Helsinki.FI). A bunch of patches from John Walder (j-walder@uiuc.edu) were applied so that setterm will work with dosemu. 18) Several utilities are from the BSD NET-2 (4.3bsd-reno) distribution: col (5.3 (Berkeley) 2/2/91) [See README.col for comments, and differences other cols] hexdump (5.5 (Berkeley) 6/1/90) rev (5.2 (Berkeley) 3/21/92, with modifications for Linux by Charles Hannum (mycroft@gnu.ai.mit.edu) and Brian Koehmstedt (bpk@gnu.ai.mit.edu)) strings (5.10 (Berkeley) 5/23/91) syslogd (5.45 (Berkeley) 3/2/91) [with ttymsg; see below for changes] tsort (5.3 (Berkeley) 6/1/90) wall (5.14 (Berkeley) 3/2/91) whereis (5.5 (Berkeley) 4/18/91) write (4.22 (Berkeley) 6/1/90) Most of the changes for syslogd come from Rick Sladkey (jrs@world.std.com), but I'd like to thank other people who sent in changes (which usually got forwarded to Rick): Carsten Paeth (calle@calle.in-berlin.de) and Kaz Sasayama (kaz@lilia.iijnet.or.jp). Original NET-2 source is currently available at wuarchive.wustl.edu:/mirrors/4.3-reno/{bin,usr.bin}. The only changes that where made to these sources were that more reasonable paths were placed in the whereis program and that internationalization support was added to some programs. These changes can be found by grep'ing for "linux" in the source file, or by comparing the source file with the original source. Other patches have been applied as they became available. The best way to find out how the programs were patched is to get the original source and do a diff. It is far too much overhead for me to track these diffs individually. The getopt(3) from the NET-2 distribution is included, and is linked with BSD NET-2 programs that use getopt(3). The BSD getopt behaves differently from the standard GNU getopt. Please do *NOT* try to use the GNU getopt for programs which require BSD getopt, since this may change the program's behavior when a single '-' is given as an option. The man page for getopt(3) is included for reference in the source distribution, but is *NOT* installed in /usr/man/man3. Other changes that seemed significant: string.c needed a ':' after the 'n' in the getopt call. 19) Several utilities are from the 4.4BSD-Lite distribution: banner (8.3 (Berkeley) 4/2/94) column (8.3 (Berkeley) 4/2/94) colcrt (8.1 (Berkeley) 6/6/93) cal (8.4 (Berkeley) 4/2/94) [See README.cal for algorithm details] logger (8.1 (Berkeley) 6/6/93) look (8.1 (Berkeley) 6/14/93) renice (8.1 (Berkeley) 6/9/93) ul (8.1 (Berkeley) 6/6/93) To find the modifications, look for __linux__. The original sources are available for ftp from: ftp.cdrom.com:/pub/bsd-sources/4.4BSD-Lite/usr/src/usr.bin 20) Rick Sladkey (jrs@world.std.com) ported: script (BSD 5.13 3/5/91) with a small patch from Harald Koenig (koenig@nova.tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de) to fixes the problem of script terminating unexpectedly. 21) Miquel van Smoorenburg (miquels@htsa.aha.nl, miquels@drinkel.nl.mugnet.org) put together a sysvinit.tar.Z package. One utility was taken from that collection: mesg 22) MAKEDEV is Nick Holloway <alfie@dcs.warwick.ac.uk>'s latest, version 2.0, with patches from Dave Gentzel (gentzel@nova.enet.dec.com). 23) sln by Mike Parker and David MacKenzie (from Linux's libc) 24) bdflush 1.4, by Eric Youngdale. 25) getopt is from the NetBSD distribution on jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu (/pub/public_domain_software/NetBSD/usr/src/usr.bin/getopt) 26) cfdisk is from Kevin Martin's cfdisk-0.8.tar.gz *BETA* distribution. 27) lpcntl from Nigel Gamble (nigel@gate.net), Mon, 18 Jul 94 20:17:35 EDT. 28) tunelp (by Michael K. Johnson (johnsonm@sunsite.unc.edu)) added from tunelp-1.1