This directory and subdirectories contain MINIX, a small UNIX-like system for IBM PC's and compatibles. The prime objective of Minix is education. Major parts of it can be studied and understood by one person in a limited amount of time. Minix is a redesign, using a modern microkernelish setup. Read the Minix Info Sheet for more information. Read it first if you have a Web browser.

Minix is free for educational use only, read the Minix license-to-use in the file LICENSE. You have to agree to its terms if you want to use this software.

You can find the following directories in this tree:

  CD-ROM-2.0/		- Minix 2.0 CD-ROM

  2.0.0/		- Minix 2.0.0 (same as CD-ROM-2.0/MINIX/, but
			  with README's adapted to FTP and WWW users)

  dosutil/		- Useful MS-DOS utilities for Minix installation

  contrib/		- Third party software not on the CD

  sparc/		- Solaris Minix-2.0 (same as CD-ROM-2.0/SMX/)
  amiga/		- Minix 1.5 disk images for the Amiga
  atari/		- Minix 1.5 disk images for the Atari
  macintosh/		- Minix 1.5 for the Apple Macintosh

  old/			- Old and probably obsolete Minix stuff
Files with suffix .Z are compressed, files with suffix .tar are archives of files, files with suffix .TAZ are compressed archives. Use one of
	uncompress file.Z
	tar xvf file.tar
	zcat file.TAZ | tar xvfp -
to uncompress or unpack compressed files, archives, and compressed archives. Our FTP server allows you to transfer entire directory trees in a single command if you reference the directory with .tar attached to its name. So you could get 2.0.0.tar in one blow if you want to, but note that you probably do not want everything in a given directory. Inspect the contents of a directory first.
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